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Bodrum is a picturesque city, the history of which started more than two thousand years ago. In the territory of the city you will find numerous unique prehistoric places of interest that never cease to attract curious travelers from around the world. The local mausoleum is a striking monument of antiquity. Here historians and archaeologists have found a great number of priceless artifacts, the collection of which is now exhibited in the British Museum. The Mausoleum has an honorable status of the oldest building in the city. This is a massive structure, which original design existed until the 16th century. A huge devastating earthquake was the reason for the destruction of the mausoleum. Later, the Crusaders used stones and fragments of its walls for construction of another important building – Bodrum Castle.

The castle is also called the Castle of St. Peter. Nowadays this is the most famous medieval building of the city. The castle is also home to two museums. Museum of Underwater Archaeology will tell its visitors about the most interesting discoveries of recent decades. Among the items exhibited here you will find many interesting items that belong yet to the Bronze Age. The territory of the castle is also the location of famous Turkish baths. The local amphitheater is a no less attractive destination for excursions. Located on a slope of a hill, the amphitheater is a massive structure consisting of three sections. In the 70s of the previous century the territory of the amphitheater became a site for archaeological excavations. Later the ancient monument was opened for public. Nowadays visitors are welcome to visit a huge scene of the amphitheater, well-preserved seats for audience and even a special place for an orchestra.

Myndos Gates are an important historical object. Many centuries ago the gates served as one of the entrances to the old town. Previously the gates were a part of a powerful fortification; today tourists can see only the ruins of ancient walls that once have protected the city from uninvited guests. The only conqueror, who had managed to overcome this strong fortification, was Alexander of Macedon. According to historical data, after the capturing of the ancient city Alexander ordered to destroy almost all buildings in it. Quays of Bodrum will definitely become a perfect place for an evening walk. The city’s embankment has already become a kind of a tourist attraction itself. This is the place where you can also see several interesting old buildings, enjoy a breathtaking sea view or make a ride on a yacht, observing the picturesque coast.

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