Bodrum is located in the legendary place Halicarnassus that really can tell you a lot about history of this region. This town keeps enormous number of sights, both historian and cultural. We should mention that initially the symbol of this town was chosen the fortress of Saint Peter that was built in the times of knights who tried to protect the borders of their town. Today you won’t find any knights in this fort and the space is used to store the exhibition of the Museum of Underwater Archeology of Turkey.
The fort has a large trading street that is full of cozy shops, cafes, restaurants and snack bars.
The embankment of this town is beautiful and very original. When tourists come to see Bodrum, first they usually don’t like very small and narrow streets that look quite depressively. However, if you take a walk along them, you will change your opinion and see the town and its citizens in completely other light.
Currently Bodrum is known as one of the most fast-developing cities in Turkey. Also this is one of the most famous resorts of this country that attracts large number of visitors year after year. By the way, there are many jewelry stores in this town, so every tourist is able to purchase an inexpensive, but very beautiful and memorable piece of jewelry.