Gumusluk stands on the site of the ancient Carian city of Myndus whose seafront sections slid into the sea in some long-forgotten earthquake. Today these barely submerged remains are a magnet for snorkellers and underwater photographers

The land site is yet to be fully excavated, but traces of antiquity can be spotted in empty fields, sounding an evocative echo of a distant age.

Country walks around Gumusluk are invigorating and rewarding, especially in spring and early summer when riotous displays of wild flowers cast their rural spell and mingle their fragrance with the smell of the sea.

‘Rabbit Island’, situated in the middle of the bay and accessible by a partially sunken causeway, offers a magnificent panorama and, yes, a glimpse of rabbits scurrying around.

When you step on Tavşan Island walking through the kral yolu(king road), if you are lucky, you can see the island rabbits eating food given th them by the locals or the municipality.The excavation work along the path used for youring around the island has been going on for years.If you dive into the water from the cliffs on the left side of the island, you will see how clear and deep the water is.You can make the most of your time in the clean sea swimming into the open among the anchored boats.

Gumusluk’s current attraction is the plethora of fine fish and seafood restaurants, a ‘must’ of a visit to the region. Another of its many attributes is the serenity of its nights.

Today the remains of ancient Myndos are located under Gümüşlük.In fact numerous column capitals and architectural pieces from the Hellenistic period were used in many houses of Gümüşlük.The Romans built a military harbor in the northwest using the stones from Maussollos’s harbor city,Myndos.To make this harbor, fillings made from local soil were used, and the outside was covered with green granite extracted from koyunbaba.Column bases made of quality marble stand out even today.Inside the town on the island, the remains can be seen among which there is a small breakwater.Also to the north of Gümüşlük, between dönmez burun and ince burun the remains of a ancient times house are noticeable.Although  the walls surrounding the city are largely ruined, some can still be seen.

Gumusluk is famous for its fish restaurants on the shore with their blue and white tables and wooden chairs, all located among this historical heritage. Let’s not forget the silver dealers on the narrow alleys descending to the shore.If you haven’t bought a silver piece to remind you of “that summer” before leaving, you surely have missed the Bodrum ritual.

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