Tips for tourists

1. Many local residents cannot be photographed because of their religious beliefs. Therefore, before you make a photo of a local, make sure you ask for permission.
2. Do not forget to take your shoes off at the entrance to a mosque or a private house. Tourists, who plan to visit various religious attractions, should not forget to select their clothes carefully. Shorts, short skirts, sleeveless shirts and bright outfits are not allowed.
3. Despite the fact that simply every restaurant and cafe in the city offers its visitors a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, you can consume them in specially designated areas only. The appearance on the streets of the city in a drunken state is also not allowed.
4. Leaving tips in restaurants and cafes of Bodrum is officially not accepted, but staff will be surely grateful for any monetary reward. A tip of 10% of the total bill will be surely sufficient.
5. Local people have great respect towards their traditions and religion, so in no case should you criticize their way of life and question the significance of historical events of the country.
6. Residents of Bodrum are hospitable and welcoming hosts. If new acquaintances or shop sellers invite you to have a cup of coffee, you should accept the invitation with gratitude. Any denial can really hurt hospitable people. Before you visit someone’s house, make sure you prepare modest souvenirs for hosts.
7. Do not forget to bargain in street markets and private trade shops. Bargaining will be irrelevant, probably, in large shopping centers and supermarkets only.
8. Guests are not recommended to purchase jewelry and other expensive goods in open air markets. There are many fakes among the products offered for sale, and inexperienced travelers are at the risk of purchasing a cheap imitation at a very high price.
9. The city is distinguished by a well-developed public transport system. Day-time fares are valid from 6:00 to 24:00 if you travel by bus. At night the fare is two times higher than during a day.
10. Tourists, who have problems with the process of acclimatization, are not recommended to drink tap water. They also shouldn’t order drinks with ice in local restaurants. Tap water is not dangerous to health, but it may worsen the process of adaptation.
11. The best way to exchange currency is to visit a local bank. Tourists are also welcome to use the services of currency exchange offices. As a rule, they operate without weekends or lunch breaks. However, here we should note that the exchange rate in such offices may be less profitable. Also, prior to making a money exchange, you should pay attention to the size of commission charged.

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